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Kill the Senate Bill?


Really enjoyed this month’s New Yorker article on healthcare. I think he makes a really good point, but you have to have a generally positive view of the Government to buy into the perspective. Which I do of course, but unfortunately many people in this country do not…

I believe that, contrary to common thinking here today, Ronald Reagan was the WORST President we ever had in this country. He was hard at work giving federal powers and budgets to the individual states through his now infamous “block grants” when we first went to Nicaragua to live. And so trying to start an “extension” type program in health care, as opposed to agriculture, would be almost hopeless here today.

But from my perspective, the only way to move successfully forward, while helping to restore adequate health care for the greatest part of the population possible, while simultaneously restoring faith in the Government, is by pushing forward on a Government run Single Payer program.

But I fear we’re too far along this path that we’re on… Below is a perspective on the state of the Health Care bill, as of today. I really respect Jane Hamsher and her progressive point of view, but I’m not ready to say “Kill the Bill” yet… I, like Howard Dean, still want to see it go to Conference and see if they’ll be able to restore at least a Robust Public Option (or even better yet-increase federal involvement in medicare/ medicaid reimbursements. There may be a method to Obama’s madness yet! The Federal Government putting its money where its mouth is! OK by me… in this case, the end does justify the means! But this time we need to be careful about it becoming widely construed as a step toward Single Payer! That and we have preserve women’s right to adequate health care by maintaining the Hyde Amendment intact.).

My bottom line is that there is no place for speculative profit in health care. Health, Education and Welfare IS the place for Government. Time to bring HEW back from the grave?



Our next Governor… As Bill White says, ” Texas should LEAD the nation, not LEAVE it!”


Bill’s from San Antonio (South of Hildebrand and west of Broadway) and was the Mayor of Houston for the last eight years… Hope you made it to the end! There’s a lot in here for you, Adam! Want to Harvard and then came back for law school in Texas.

Bill White knows how to make government more responsive and accountable:
As mayor of the nation’s fourth largest city he has tackled tough problems, improved public safety and balanced the budget — all while consistently lowering tax rates and increasing homestead exemptions for seniors and disabled residents.

That’s part of why Houston voters returned him to office with overwhelming re-election margins of 91% and 86%. He received national recognition for his leadership in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Bill White attacks waste:
He cut the City’s energy consumption by more than 6 percent at a time when Houston was experiencing double-digit economic growth. He engineered a restructuring of Houston’s municipal pension plans, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and making earned pensions more secure for employees.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Bill White helped Houston restructure its debt, freeing up an additional $80 million for parks and $40 million for libraries.

While serving as Deputy Secretary of Energy for the United States, Bill White led the Contract Reform Team which changed the way the Energy Department handled contracts and opened many of them for the first time to competition. These efforts saved taxpayers more than a billion dollars.

 Bill White knows and respects our state’s diversity:


Just call me a 9/10 guy…


Nah, I reject such easy categorizations, but I like Rachel and Keith… and MSNBC in general. Don’t know what I used to do without it!
Definitely not Fox…

MSNBC Presses Obama on Campaign Promises


Published: November 15, 2009

If President Obama happened to glance at “The Rachel Maddow Show” last Monday, he might have winced.

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Rob Bennett for The New York Times

From left, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have plenty to talk about with President Obama in office.

Ms. Maddow pretended to celebrate the passage of a health care overhaul bill in the House, calling it “potentially a huge generational win for the Democratic Party” — but then halted the triumphant music and called it an “electoral defeat.”
The Stupak amendment, she said, was “the biggest restriction on abortion rights in a generation.” Then she wondered aloud about the consequences for Democrats “if they don’t get women or anybody who’s pro-choice to ever vote for them again.” She returned to the subject the next four evenings in a row.
This is how it looks to have a television network pressuring President Obama from the left. (more…)

My 2 cents for today!


An important background article in light of all the noise being made today… Does a nice job of filling in the blanks.

This is the same message I got from Obama’s “surge” speech… Increase the troops by 30,000 as quickly as possible and start withdrawing them by July 2011… Now, whether or not I agree with him is another story, but I’m so side of the Obama naysayers lying out loud about what he said and is doing.

My 2¢ for today!

How Obama Came to Plan for ‘Surge’ in Afghanistan

World Community Grid


World Community Grid uses your excess CPU time when you’re not to combine the computing power with millions of other people who are contributing their excess CPU time to solve important health problems…
I’ve been contributing to the effort since 2005… I never even notice that it’s running.
There’s nothing in it for you, except knowing you’re participating! You can be as active as you choose to be, in that you can use as many devices that are attached to the internet as you’d like, limit the CPU use-or not- the amount of the “spare” time that can be used and, and choose-or not-the research that you will be supporting.
I’m using the tablet in our bedroom to contribute to research on medical issues mostly affecting children (AlDs, Malaria, Diabetes, H1N1, Cancer, etc.) mostly thru UT Medical Schools and their partners. The computer would otherwise sit idle (or off) most of the day and night…
I was reluctant to do it, at first, because of my security concerns. You know how l am about that! But after considerable research, I decided to go for it…
No problems so far!
If you’re so inclined, read on… (more…)