Climate Change…

Floods San Antonio, TX after days of rain in the severely drought stricken South Texas region. Anyone familiar with the region knows that it doesn’t rain in January in San Antonio! Happy for the rain replenishing Edwards Aquifer, but still unusual for January… Most severe earthquake in Haiti in a century… Unsettling tornados, tsunamis and storms where they’re not typical… And the naysayers claim that there is no Climate Change. I say they’re crazy!
Others argue that there is Climate Change, but that it’s not man-made. While I m convinced it is, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of whether it is or not, taking on the major pollutants, the most significant seems to be carbon dioxide (C02), is only good for the economy, innovation, the environment and the globe; now and through this century.
o For those who are inclined to learn more about the science behind Climate Change, I urge you to check-out the site: If you want to know more about alterative energy, you can start here (and go from there!):

Our Planet – Mother Earth – is a Living Being and all life forms are her offspring… We are all in this together!

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