The party of NICHE NO!

Ok… so the rightwing is back… Tell me something I didn’t already know! Actually, many of the best representatives of the conservative movement never went away! And they haven’t given up a moment or an opportunity to remind us all. Too bad!

Now they seem hell-bent on gathering all the radical, fringe groups together so they can all say “No” together… Good luck with that!

You know the small groups I’m talking about: you know, the ones who claim their issue is the one to stand up against… to say “no” to; to say they’re “mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore!”

I like to think of them of people who have “niche” issues that they want addressed, and will say no to all efforts that don’t directly address their niche. All to often, they are so busy saying no, that when a true solution comes their way, they don’t see it!

Well, I say Yes! We’re all in this together as Americans, and together we can solve our national and personal challenges. Yes, we can!

And that’s why I’m a Progressive and not a Conservative… I embrace today as a step forward toward a positive future, rather than trying to hang onto yesterday to conserve the past.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that you must know and understand the past to be able to prepare for the future. However, the it is senseless to try to hang onto the past at the expense of our future; especially when that implies conserving those elements of the past that jeopardize our progress into the future.

Rather, I believe that if we understand our past, both near and far, we can build on those positive elements of the past and take the best advantage of them to build our future, while avoiding the pitfalls and failures of the past.

Nuff said for now…

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