Health Care Reform: Just do it!

We’ve been waiting for decades, and now the nation can’t wait any longer…
Now is the time for the Administration and Congress to act and get our Health System Reformed.
We all know that this only requires simple majority vote to get the bill signed so that President Obama can sign it into law.
Now many people, many elected officials among them, will tell you otherwise and that a supermajority is required rather than a simple majority.
This is simply not true. Legislation, both major and minor, is often passed by a simple majority. In fact, the process called reconciliation that is used to reconcile bills approved by the House with bills approved by the Senate to prepare the final bill for the President’s signature, requires only simple majority approval for the amendments to be approved and thus included in the final bill. This is the way the Founding Fathers intended our democracy to work, and the way they wrote the Constitution-a of the United States.
Simply put, in the case of the current Health Care Reform situation, the process to process is clear. The House approves the Senate bill, with Amendments. These Amendments are drawn from the already approved House bill to ensure that important provisions from the House bill will be included in final bill. that will be put before the President for his signature. Then the Senate considers their original bill with the Amendments that have been added to it, and approve the final product by simple majority. This then becomes the final bill that is presented to the President for his consideration. If, in his consideration, it is just and Constitution as written he signs it into law. If he choses, he can add a statement, to clarify his understanding of what he is signing.
We’ve heard about this process being called the “Nuclear Option” and “Forcing the bill through by the Democrat majority.” Not only are both of these descriptions wrong, they are lies. In fact, according to the publicity available Congressional Record, simple majority votes have been used, by both Parties, over the years. Since 1980 alone, Simple Majority rules have been used a total of 22 times, 16 times by the Republicans and 8 times by the Democrats.
So, it is time to use normal Congressional procedures to see that this bill finally gets signed into law. Problems will be found with the new Health Care Law; this, too, is normal. These problems can be addressed over time. This is the normal legislative process that some people are referring to as making incremental changes. But the current problems are so great that we must address them through a comprehensive law that corrects them.
That’s how I see it… I, for one, am thankful that we finally have legislators in Washington who have been able and willing to take it on!

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