A labor of love…

A labor of love...

The Montauk Point Lighthouse on Long Island. . . My friend now for longer than 30 years has a collection of a million photos he’s taken of it. My newest stained glass panel is based on it, and the many memories of the hours we have spent through the years in and around the the ocean it overlooks… Our friendship began when we were lifeguards together and continues today. Although our this have taken different paths, we still enjoy our time together, sharing the things we have always enjoyed and valued. The stained glass panel is, in that regard, a true labor of love… it was almost done when I snapped this picture with my phone; just had to finish installing the light behind the tower lantern and final touches… so I could enjoy it before Ian and Judi come for the weekend… A surprise!

After a 35 year hiatus, I recently started working in stained-glass again. This panel was particularly fun for exploring new glass as well as finding ways to include some glass I already had from previous projects. Those of you familiar with my recent projects might recognize the steel-blue water glass that I used in Maren and Adam’s lamp and the yellow beam and lantern and some of the green from Linda’s lamp shades.

This is the first time I tried curves… although I’ve figured out how to do them, I still prefer the straighter cuts in the prairie design stained glass. I find that Glass just prefers natural, straight cuts and lines; and I’m not about making something into what it’s not and doesn’t necessarily want to be! So, when it comes to stained glass, I’m still all about geometric design!

I also took Noreen and Gail’s friend, Paula Nadelstern’s advice for me when l met her in Houston about colors: REMEMBER, when it comes to color, more is MORE! She’s an artist who makes really outrageous (and beautiful!) Kaleidescope Quilts. She’s also into geometrics!

Still have a long way to go, but it is what it is and I’m having fun doing it!

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