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Ongoing Debate… Should Obama call on the Military to Stop the Spill?


President Obama, Don’t do it!

I’m not worried about you, and know that our troops could help now and during the clean-up…

But I don’t trust the Conservatives who will once again abuse the Government, and blame it all on you for undermining the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 when they “support” our state and local police forces with soldiers!

The first step is to have the civilian population grow accustomed to seeing armed and dangerous soldiers walking the streets… then come the contractor mercenaries! But we’ll be “safe”!

The decision needs to consider the still ongoing debate as to whether the PCA should be repealed, moderated, or strengthened.

I am not one of those who argue that the act should be repealed because the federal government needs the full force of a flexible military to combat terrorism within the territorial United States.

Nor do I believe that the act is obsolete and should be repealed because numerous legislative exemptions have eroded the underlying policy and left the PCA a hollow shell.

I am among those who insist that although there are many exceptions, the Act is essential to bar misuse of the military by Conservative, Right-Wing civilian authorities and to prevent a military dictatorship from assuming control of the nation through use of the armed forces. We know that Darth Vader Cheney was aiming for this!

For me, the Act means only that federal military forces may not be commandeered by civilian authorities for use in active and direct law enforcement as a posse comitatus. If local authorities need military personnel for specialized operations enforcing state laws, it is argued, they may call on the state governor for the assistance of the state National Guard.

For more see: Posse Comitatus Act of 1878


Separation of Buisness and State


Totally agree! The concept worked for many years regarding the population of the church and the state. If we’re able to successfully to achieve this, it’s time to revisit the separation of the the church and the state again… The Bush and Cheney administration did that one in, too!

However, I would make one friendly amendment: the reinstated separation should be broadened to include business and the state. The state must regulate the economy.

We are all too forgiving and forgetful of all the damage the mad-triad (Bush-Cheney-Rove) has done to our country. While I’m not promoting vengeance in return, I do believe it behooves all Americans to be reminded from time-to-time. It would help to put into context the dissatisfaction and extreme partisanship we’re experiencing as a nation today.

That’s another reason I’m pleased with the administration we have in Washington today. The President, while tackling all of the problems handed him by his predecessor, he has actively encouraged the constructive participation of the populace in local, state and national analysis and action.

And so, if the Coffee Party Movement becomes a place where we can do that, I’m all for it. One of the first task we should undertake as a group is how we can promote a Constitutional Amendment that will force the separation of business and the state so that buisness can no longer unduly influence the latter.

Reverse Shock Doctrine… NOW!


Uncle Milty is so wrong! Those of us who are parents know that even our children’s allowance must be regulated by us until they demonstrate they understand the value of the money they’re working with and how to protect what they have relative to what it will cost to buy what they want! It’s called parenting for living in a capitalist country. And we also know that we wouldn’t approve of them increasing their incomes by selling attractive chocolates that they knew were actually worm-ridden on the inside. So think of it in terms of our capitalist economy… regulation is necessary because Wall Streeters are behaving like children augmenting their incomes by selling what they know to be rotten and unregulated mortgages and derivatives to unsuspecting customers. We have reaped what the conservatives have sown since before Regan; by now the government has been so weakened by the Right there’s hardly anything left! And now the progressives are stuck with salvaging and reconstructing what we have Left! Milty, the Chicago School of Economics and Corporations have come perilously close to destroying our democracy and replacing it with America, Inc.!
What we need now is some Reverse Shock Doctrine! Replace “fear” with “hope” and “disaster” with “progressive alternatives” and “No Government” with “Effective Government” and we’ll be off and running!