Reverse Shock Doctrine… NOW!

Uncle Milty is so wrong! Those of us who are parents know that even our children’s allowance must be regulated by us until they demonstrate they understand the value of the money they’re working with and how to protect what they have relative to what it will cost to buy what they want! It’s called parenting for living in a capitalist country. And we also know that we wouldn’t approve of them increasing their incomes by selling attractive chocolates that they knew were actually worm-ridden on the inside. So think of it in terms of our capitalist economy… regulation is necessary because Wall Streeters are behaving like children augmenting their incomes by selling what they know to be rotten and unregulated mortgages and derivatives to unsuspecting customers. We have reaped what the conservatives have sown since before Regan; by now the government has been so weakened by the Right there’s hardly anything left! And now the progressives are stuck with salvaging and reconstructing what we have Left! Milty, the Chicago School of Economics and Corporations have come perilously close to destroying our democracy and replacing it with America, Inc.!
What we need now is some Reverse Shock Doctrine! Replace “fear” with “hope” and “disaster” with “progressive alternatives” and “No Government” with “Effective Government” and we’ll be off and running!

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