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We Need New Car Standards: my message to Secretary LaHood


With gas prices rising above four dollars per gallon, families and businesses are feeling the effects. And once again elected officials are clamoring for action to instantly reverse that trend. But we know that you can’t bring down energy prices overnight.

Dear Sec. LaHood,
All of this sounds very promising, indeed, and I’d like to congratulate you for all you have done to drag the country forward into a future that is sustainable, free from today’s dependence on hydrocarbon fuels and at peace with with an abused environment. I feel, as you suggest you do, that accomplishing these things can be achieved while creating jobs, restoring our economy and intellectual leadership to the world’s efforts to do much of the same.
I hope that as you more forward, you will remember that stronger clean car standards are the only proven way to bring down the cost of energy, create jobs, protect our environment, and save consumers’ money at the pump.
Needless to say, this must be combined with other measures like putting a stop to excess profits from speculation by futures traders and hedge funds and
also putting a stop on providing subsidies from taxpayers to oil companies awash in profits. But cleaner car standards is one way that can and will hare a short-term effect that we can all benefit from, and over which you, alone, have the greatest control.
Thank you!