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Happy Earth Day 2010!


I helped organize Earth Day on my campus in Iowa when I was a freshman in 1970. Never thought it would gather so much steam back then, nor that it would still be necessary to promote Earth awareness now! Just goes to show, Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin was right… Real change takes along time and a lot of concerted effort! Let’s be sure to keep up the good fight and help President Obama, Russ Feingold and others to see a good Climate Change Bill become law!


My thoughts for the EPA’s Administrator Jackson


There isn’t much else I can do (except breath the toxic waste the corporations dump into the atmosphere!) so I decided to take my daughter’s suggestion: “If you are uncomfortable about something, do something about it!” I thought, that’s my girl!

With background I gleaned from various environmental groups I support and a petition the Wilderness Society is circulating for signature, I prepared this letter to the Administrator of the EPA…

If you’re so inclined, you might consider doing the same.

Progressive liberal civic action is alive and well! We’ve always lead the way on this. Let’s not allow the retroactive, conservative right-wingers think that they have discovered something new!

(Don’t worry, I’m still working on gathering the background info on Big Pharma and their relationship to doctors! …and Aspergers/Autism. Then the Privatization of Government functions-like National Security, and Defense (Offense?)… One issue at a time! All good fodder for this blog!)

Re: Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2007-0352: Protect Communities from SO2

Dear Administrator Jackson,

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other sulfur gases, which coal power plants spew out in huge quantities, can cause serious breathing problems — especially in kids. And while these gases are always dangerous, careful scientific studies show that it’s especially important to control short-term spikes in SO2 that can do lasting damage to people’s lungs – and that EPA’s current air quality standards don’t do a good enough job at protecting the public from these spikes. That’s why I fully support EPA’s proposal to protect our health and our kids by significantly improving its national protective standard for these pollutants. EPA should set the new national one-hour SO2 standard at the most protective level it has proposed: an average of no more than 50 parts per billion of the gas in the air over a 1 hour period.

I also support EPA’s proposal to toughen monitoring and reporting requirements for SO2. Monitors would be placed in areas with high SO2 emission levels as well as in urban areas. And I support a change in the Air Quality Index to reflect the revised SO2 standards. This change would improve the states’ ability to alert the public when short-term SO2 levels may affect their health.

Because of all the sulfur dioxide — and other dangerous pollutants — they emit, coal plants are not a good way to meet our energy needs. It’s time to stop letting Big Coal pollute our air and make people sick. We need to move beyond coal towards a clean energy economy. This rule is a strong step in that direction.

There is no such thing as “Clean Coal”, despite President Obama using this tired, oxymoronic phrase in his State of the Union address last week. I have similar concerns with restarting our nuclear power plans industry. What does the proponents of this technology plan to do with the waste produced by these plants? And I need not mention that I do not support any further off shore drilling, anywhere!

Let’s work together now to ensure clean, healthy air for our future. President Obama said it best when he said that the nation that leads on green energy production and use will lead the future. Let’s make sure it is the USA.

Keep up the good work, don’t back down now!

Climate Change…


Floods San Antonio, TX after days of rain in the severely drought stricken South Texas region. Anyone familiar with the region knows that it doesn’t rain in January in San Antonio! Happy for the rain replenishing Edwards Aquifer, but still unusual for January… Most severe earthquake in Haiti in a century… Unsettling tornados, tsunamis and storms where they’re not typical… And the naysayers claim that there is no Climate Change. I say they’re crazy!
Others argue that there is Climate Change, but that it’s not man-made. While I m convinced it is, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of whether it is or not, taking on the major pollutants, the most significant seems to be carbon dioxide (C02), is only good for the economy, innovation, the environment and the globe; now and through this century.
o For those who are inclined to learn more about the science behind Climate Change, I urge you to check-out the site: If you want to know more about alterative energy, you can start here (and go from there!):

Our Planet – Mother Earth – is a Living Being and all life forms are her offspring… We are all in this together!