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World Community Grid


World Community Grid uses your excess CPU time when you’re not to combine the computing power with millions of other people who are contributing their excess CPU time to solve important health problems…
I’ve been contributing to the effort since 2005… I never even notice that it’s running.
There’s nothing in it for you, except knowing you’re participating! You can be as active as you choose to be, in that you can use as many devices that are attached to the internet as you’d like, limit the CPU use-or not- the amount of the “spare” time that can be used and, and choose-or not-the research that you will be supporting.
I’m using the tablet in our bedroom to contribute to research on medical issues mostly affecting children (AlDs, Malaria, Diabetes, H1N1, Cancer, etc.) mostly thru UT Medical Schools and their partners. The computer would otherwise sit idle (or off) most of the day and night…
I was reluctant to do it, at first, because of my security concerns. You know how l am about that! But after considerable research, I decided to go for it…
No problems so far!
If you’re so inclined, read on… (more…)