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Our next Governor… As Bill White says, ” Texas should LEAD the nation, not LEAVE it!”


Bill’s from San Antonio (South of Hildebrand and west of Broadway) and was the Mayor of Houston for the last eight years… Hope you made it to the end! There’s a lot in here for you, Adam! Want to Harvard and then came back for law school in Texas.

Bill White knows how to make government more responsive and accountable:
As mayor of the nation’s fourth largest city he has tackled tough problems, improved public safety and balanced the budget — all while consistently lowering tax rates and increasing homestead exemptions for seniors and disabled residents.

That’s part of why Houston voters returned him to office with overwhelming re-election margins of 91% and 86%. He received national recognition for his leadership in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Bill White attacks waste:
He cut the City’s energy consumption by more than 6 percent at a time when Houston was experiencing double-digit economic growth. He engineered a restructuring of Houston’s municipal pension plans, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and making earned pensions more secure for employees.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Bill White helped Houston restructure its debt, freeing up an additional $80 million for parks and $40 million for libraries.

While serving as Deputy Secretary of Energy for the United States, Bill White led the Contract Reform Team which changed the way the Energy Department handled contracts and opened many of them for the first time to competition. These efforts saved taxpayers more than a billion dollars.

 Bill White knows and respects our state’s diversity: